Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen can seem like fun until you realize it can be an overwhelming task, but here’s a few easy tips that will help your kitchen get a face lift.

Updating your kitchen isn’t always about changing how it looks on the outside but also how structurally sound and durable it is from the inside out.

One upgrade is on cabinet construction. ┬áIt’s important to pay attention to how the drawer boxes and cabinets are made because those features add to the overall quality of your kitchen. These features aren’t necessarily noticed right away but they will be beneficial and worth while in the long run.dovetail-drawer

A few high quality construction features to look for are:

  • Dove Tail Drawer Boxes
  • Use of Solid Wood rather than Ply Wood on drawer boxes
  • Soft Close Hinges

These may seem like small unneeded updates, but they make a big difference. It will allow your kitchen to last longer and stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.

The next step is to work on outside appearance. If you really want to make a noticeable update, many people choose to change their cabinets. Whether that is painting/staining your original cabinets or getting entirely new ones. The hard part is deciding what is going to make the biggest improvement and keeping up with the trends.

Trends change constantly and your kitchen can quickly become outdated. We’ve gone from stained natural wood toned cabinets to solid painted cabinets which has been the popular trend within the last decade. Many people updated their kitchen by repainting their existing cabinets a solid color. Recently we have seen a shift away from the solid painted cabinets. People are starting to go a little more rustic chic and prefer seeing some of the natural wood grain within the cabinets. Many cabinet companies have come up with a translucent stain which acts as a stain but also a paint. It gives the effect of paint but is slightly transparent allowing the wood grain to still show through the color. It combines rustic and modern together which allows the design of the kitchen to be geared in any direction.




Another way to update you kitchen is use a variety of textures that work well together. Many people think that using many different textures in a space can make it too busy but if you use them the right way it adds depth and visual interest into the space.

A few different materials that can add texture to your space are:

  • Wood (barn wood, beams, hardwood floors)
  • Stone (Stacked stone, granite, quartz, concrete, marble)
  • Glass (smooth or textured)
  • Tile (glass, ceramic, patterned)
  • Metal (stainless steal, galvanized, copper)
  • Fabric (window curtains, valances, rugs, table runners)

All of these materials can be used essentially in any area in your kitchen. Using a variety will elevate your kitchen in so many ways. It creates multiple tones within the space. It brings in warmth and coolness, along with soft and hard surfaces, it also provides a mix of tones and shades and deepens the overall atmosphere in your kitchen.


A popular item rising in the kitchen trends are islands. Not small center islands but big spacious islands that are able to fit an ample amount of people. Kitchens are not just a space to cook anymore, they are the hub of the house where everyone hangs out. It’s now a place to entertain and have guests. It’s become a necessity to have plenty of seating within the kitchen area. A great way to update your kitchen is to add an island or remodel your existing one. The options are endless with islands. Depending on the look you are going for, you can use the island as a statement piece or you can match it with your cabinets. Recently many people have chosen the base of the island to be a different color than their cabinets in order to create a pop of color in the room instead of having everything blend together.


Another trend is using unique bar stools. Bar stools are again another great way to add texture. There are metal, wood, leather, upholstered, a huge variety of options when it comes the bar stools. They are a good outlet for a creative touch. They can bring in another level of texture and color into the mix. Even just updating small things like bar stools, light rail, crown molding, and furniture feet, can make a huge difference. Those are the little details that put the finishing touches on a space and make it stand out over the rest.


Updating your kitchen can seem like a big task but if you take one section at a time it won’t be as overwhelming. Following these tips will also give you some guidance and help you determine what’s trending and how you can have your dream kitchen.

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