His or Hers

Looking for a space of your own or hoping to make your own? It depends on what kind of space you have to work with I guess, whether you go in one direction or another. For example, you may not put a sewing room in a garage or basement space if it is better suited for a man cave. Like wise, you wouldn’t necessarily put a sewing room in a space like a tree house or shed in the back yard. I’ve put together some ideas and images that can easily be transformed into either a space for him or her.

craft sewing space

Sewing space

femanine office space

Office- only a wall needed, even if it has windows.

femanine office space2

Manly man cave. I’d like to have an event here myself!

manly man cave

A basement for both to enjoy.

room for both

A victorian space for her, sewing, crafting, for displaying antiques.

shabby chic craft space


A workspace for him or her.

craft space Creative-Office-Workspace-IronandTwine

Cool as a cucumber pool entertainment space.

man cave basement

All sports all the time.

man cave tv

Manly space.

man cave

A space for games.


A musicians space.



Ballet or Dance Studio


ballet studio

Think about the space you have. Basement? Back deck? Closed porch? Shed?

Who’s hobbies will use the space best?

What do you hope to get out of it? A retreat for yourself or an escape from your significant other. Those are the types of things to think of not just for a man cave or a craft space, but any other space. What will it be used for? Who will use it? Simple things like Kitchens, Baths, Bedrooms, Living and Dining Rooms…self explanatory. But for the extra spaces, the extra corners in the house, the unfinished basement or maybe you have an extra bedroom, those spaces need a life too. I’m sure there is a long forgotten hobby that someone living in the house used to actively enjoy. Maybe you are currently still tinkering but you aren’t focused on it because you don’t have the space you need to be creative, to relax, unwind, to find yourself.

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