saratoga_logo Saratoga Soapstone has been the preferred choice for kitchen counter tops for its ability to bring together the best of style, function, and versatility.  Each slab of Saratoga Soapstone is as unique as a finger print with its naturally contrasting patterns and shading combined with the stone’s inherent beauty.
Saratoga Soapstone

Saratoga Soapstone is practically indestructible, requires almost no maintenance and adds elegance and enduring value to any project. It is not necessary to use oil or sealers on Saratoga Soapstone, but for those who prefer an enhanced patina effect, Saratoga Wax will bring out a dark richness to the stone’s natural color.


Saratoga Soapstone is quarried naturally with absolutely no synthetics, offering a one-of-a-kind soft color with light flowing veins and when oiled soapstone exhibits an even more dramatic color variation.  Shown below are Saratoga Soapstone’s two distinctive styles in natural and oiled finish.


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Additional benefits of Saratoga Soapstone include:

  • Saratoga Soapstone has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Quarried naturally with no synthetics; composed primarily of talc, chlorite, dolomite, and magnetite
  • No damage is caused when hot pans or dishes are placed on the surface
  • Stain resistant: acids and alkalis will not harm the surface and normal household items will not stain
  • Easier to cut and shape than marble or granite, so joints can be made inconspicuous
  • Offers a unique, soft color with light flowing veins.
  • When oiled, soapstone exhibits an even more dramatic color variation.

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