Echelon Cabinetry, formerly known as Armstrong Cabinets, offers its products in six different species options.  Along with a wide variety of designs within each species Echelon Cabinetry optimizes your experience and achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Birch is a subtle contemporary and close-grained hardwood, with a color range from cream to reddish-brown.  Birch has a texture that is fine and even, and the grain is mostly straight but can also come in wavy or curly patterns, much like maple.  With a smooth paintable surface, birch can be stained to resemble mahogany or walnut, but still offers a great look when left natural and sealed with a clear coating.  Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Birch.

Birch_Salerno_Mocha Birch_Hargrove_Cafe Birch_Touraine_VanillaCream


Cherry wood cabinets, with a fine to medium grain pattern, provide an elegant look that is suitable for contemporary or traditional styling.  Cherry is moderately hard and strong, and resists both warping and checking.  While usually pinkish-brown in color, cherry also has shades of off-white, green, and even gray. An American classic, cherry darkens beautifully with age and contains occasional knots, which gives it a unique beauty.  Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Cherry

Cherry_Ardmore_DEspresso Cherry_Langdon5pcArchCherry__Bordeaux Cherry_Langdon5pcCherry__Bordeaux
Cherry_LangdonSLABArchCherry__DEspresso Cherry_LangdonSLABCherry__AutumnBrown


Maple is, and has been, treasured by furniture and cabinet makers as a strong hardwood known for its close and uniform grain.  The fine texture of maple lends itself well to either contemporary or traditional styling.  Maple wood might occasionally include curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern, much like birch. Colors range from light tan or cream to yellow to light reddish-brown.  Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Maple.

Maple_Cheswick_Linen Maple_Carlisle_Crystal Maple_Brisbin_VanillaCream
Maple_Norwich_Bordeaux Maple_Lisburn_DEspresso Maple_Edinburgh_AlpineWhite
Maple_Rossiter5pc_Bordeaux Maple_Southampton_Cafe Maple_RossiterSLAB_Onyx
Maple_Wesley5pc_AlpineWhite Maple_TrevinoSLAB_Crystal Maple_Trevino5pc_Cafe
Maple_WesleyArch_Slate Maple_WesleySLABArch_Mocha Maple_WesleySLAB_Bordeaux


The prominent open grain pattern and textured surface of oak cabinets make it a natural choice for those interested in a more traditional or casual country look.  This hardwood is heavy-grained and durable. Oak’s visible characteristics include mineral streaks and pin knots, and its attractive red or white oak color tones.  Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Oak.

Oak_Benton_Mocha Oak_Herndon_AutumnBrown

Rustic Alder

Rustic Alder is a unique wood species to consider for a wide range of design applications.  Its distinctive look with natural character featuring pinholes and knots make for great designs for traditional kitchens or as a stark contrast in modern settings.  Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Rustic Alder.

Rustic_Alder_Langdon5pcRA_Cinnamon Rustic_Alder_Langdon5pcArchRA_Bordeaux Rustic_Alder_ArdmoreRA_AutumnBrown
Rustic_Alder_LangdonSLABArchRA_Mocha Rustic_Alder_LangdonSLABRA_Espresso


Milled from vinyl wrapped material over fiberboard, thermofoil cabinets offer contemporary styling, exceptional durability and wear properties, as well as superior cleaning features. Thermofoil is applied to cabinetry frames, giving perfect door-to-frame match in comparison to painted frames, which vary in color. Below are the door styles offered by Echelon Cabinetry in Thermofoil.

Thermofoil_Marianna_White Thermofoil_Sutton_White



For a full listing of Echelon Cabinetry’s coloring profiles, glazing options, upgrades, and help with layout contact our designers at Fence Row Furniture by phone at (616)375-1150, by email at, or stop into our showroom at 1475 Franklin St., Marne, MI 49435.