Hard wood flooring is the best way to add direct value and create a unique look to any home. Along with the value that hard wood flooring can add durability, warmth, and character.

Through different stains and finishes, the options in hard wood flooring are endless. At Fence Row Furniture, we offer hard wood flooring through Somerset, Columbia, Carlisle, Viking, Reclaimed and River Recovered.


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Species options in hard wood flooring include oak, walnut, maple, hickory, cherry, heart pine, and ash. With many stain and texture options available, it is simple to find the perfect hard wood floor personalized to your décor. Hard wood flooring comes in various width options ranging from 2 ¼” – 20”.

If you would like more information on hard wood flooring options or would like to place an order, please contact Fence Row Furniture by phone at 616-375-1150, or by email at contact@fencerowfurniture.com.