Our passion for the beauty found in century-old timber frames began when we founded Chip-Shot Construction in 2005. As we worked to restore and preserve the once majestic barns that were left to the next generation, we started to take notice of the beauty and charm of each piece of wood.


From the tight grain in an oak beam, to the hand-drawn pegs that held it all together, each piece of wood tells a story. We love the fact that some people share our love of old barns and can afford to save and restore them. But what about those who could not afford to save a piece of family history?


Michigan was in the midst of the worst economic times since the great depression. More and more of these historic barns started falling victim to neglect. It tore us up to watch our barns facing a wrecking ball or a match. What took years of hard work to create was destroyed in mere minutes. At our breaking point, we decided to salvage the materials from the barns that could not afford to be saved.


Much of our furniture is built out of 100% reclaimed barn wood. Our love for barns that once stood tall and strong is expressed in each unique piece of furniture that our craftsmen create. Our goal is simple: A long time from now, we want our furniture to tell a new story.


A story from the afterlife. The afterlife of a barn.