Custom Mantels

Custom mantels can be designed to fit any style of house, from modern to traditional. Our company can create a customized mantel for you with many different materials styles. From a rustic reclaimed barn beam to a modern and elegant fireplace surround. We have done a lot of projects and have run into all kinds of circumstances. For example, we’ve had clients who have existing brick for their mantel but they no longer want it visible. However, it is a major project to tear out all of the brick and start fresh. So what we did was create a custom mantel wrap that would slide over the brick, leaving just the appearance of the wood mantel.

Reclaimed Barn Beam Mantels

Reclaimed mantels have been popular for many years and will continue to be. The size, color, and texture of reclaimed beam mantels will be different from one to another. This makes them great for having something unique in your home. With the range in sizes available we know we can find something that will fit what you need.

Floating Fireplace Mantels

These have become the most popular mounting style over the last few years. They offer a clean appearance compared to other mounting options. Most other mantel mounting options support the mantel from underneath. For a rustic look, this is perfect, however, to achieve a more modern aesthetic a floating mantel will be a better fit.

Fireplace Mantel Surround

A fireplace surround offers a more polished and elegant look than only having a mantel. The surround frames your fireplace adding to the overall aesthetic of the room while also maintaining the mantels’ functionality as a place to showcase decor or art. However, it will still look beautiful without anything on the mantel.

Check out these sketches from a custom mantel we did to fit over existing brickwork around the fireplace. The homeowners did not want to have to tear out the brick and redo the front of the fireplace in order to have a floating mantel.

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